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A Quarter Century of Exceptional Limo Service

Disneyland attracts millions of tourists each year, Anaheim is also home to the largest convention center on the West Coast so our clients range between the private and business sector. Omega Limousine Service has a long tradition in Anaheim and has been comfortably transporting locals and tourists to Disneyland, Los Angeles and other attractions for many years. Being the ultimate destination for adventure and magic, we invite you to add value to your experience by choosing Omega Limousine Service as your transportation specialist. Omega Limousine Service has the capacity and know-how to meet all your special requirements and to deliver an exceptional service. We are committed to meeting your expectations and look forward to transporting you promptly, comfortably and in style.


Omega Limousine Service services all major commercial airports and offers a wonderful transfer service. We will professionally handle any ground transportation requirements you may have. Our fully trained chauffeurs are knowledgeable and familiar with all Los Angeles airports. The dispatch team utilizes flight tracking software to monitor all flight arrivals, departures and gate information to communicate any changes to our chauffeurs making our LAX limo service one of the best in the area. This clear communication ensures any waiting is eliminated. For an easy and pleasant airport transfer, trust the transportation specialists at Omega Limousine Service.


Omega Limousine Service boasts a fleet of impressive late model vehicles ranging from sedans, SUVs, chauffeured buses, and sleek limousines. Our diverse and numerous fleet allows us to build a travel itinerary specific to your needs. We thrive on any challenges that come our way and aim to provide a truly personalized experience when you travel with us. Omega Limousine Service’s transportation professionals work tirelessly to ensure a seamless delivery. It all starts with clear communication down to careful planning and in order to execute perfectly all last minute checks are carried out on the vehicles to the smallest details. Our diligence is reflected in the final product – a prompt ride, by a friendly driver in a spotless vehicle.


FIt is a beloved Southern California destination where generations of families have been coming for decades. With over 50 attractions at Disneyland, you will most likely need more than a day to get around to all of them. The one thing that is for sure is that your day will be filled with fun! So when you organize your visit, plan your transfers with Omega Limousine Service, as we promise a swift transportation to all the Disneyland action and make your Disney dream come true!