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A Quarter Century of Exceptional Limo Service

Omega Limousine Service is a premium transportation company providing a luxurious range of services, including Luxury SUV Limo Service. This service has been designed to offer our clients seeking the finest in luxurious transportation a quality service in powerful sports utility vehicles. Our service is suitable to a range of events and occasions, including airport transportation, business travel or getting out of the town for a break from the city hustle and bustle. We are determined to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations when you travel with us, as no request is too much to be asked for. Omega Limousine Service has the capacity, knowledge and experience to make every transportation an enjoyable, prompt and reliable service. You will be impressed when you step on board.


Our SUVs offer sophisticated travel, plenty of luggage room and space to stretch your feet. When you choose our Luxury SUV Limo Service, we invite you to select from our Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade, both perfect for transporting small groups, families and executive travelers. Here at Omega Limousine Service we take particular care about the presentation of our vehicles and ensure they always arrive in perfect condition. We have put in place rigorous maintenance checks, according to manufacturers’ specifications, that we adhere to ensuring immaculately maintained vehicles. Expect the finest in comfort and safety when you come on board our quality SUVs.


Our Luxury SUV Limo Service is made exceptional thanks to our dedicated staff. Omega Limousine Service’s industry professionals work tirelessly to ensure a perfectly executed service is received by our clients every time they travel. You can trust our team to provide a comprehensive and reliable service. We are determined to meet all your requests and personalize your transportation. All our chauffeurs are transportation professionals, fully licensed and trained to offer the best service in the industry. Trust our knowledgable Los Angeles experts to make your experience the most enjoyable. The team here at Omega Limousine Service is standing by to assist you and we look forward to having you on board.